Leadership Cashiers


An opening retreat (attendance mandatory) is held in February and serves to establish a foundation for the entire year. The program's Closing Syposium and Presentations, are held in September.
Dates, locations and times are distributed to program participants on an annual basis and, in addition to the opening and closing presentations, consist of approximatley 5 sessions (typically held on Tuesdays) featuring:
Economic Development  |  Government  |  Education  |  Planning & Infrastructure  |  and Health & Human Services
A field trip is typically planned in June and a social gathering (coordinated with the Cashiers Area Chamber of Commerce) is planned for July.
To successfully complete and graduate from the course, a participant can miss no more than 2 session days.


Tuition for Leadership Cashiers is $600. Chamber members will receive $100 discount on regular cost of tuition. All payments are nonrefundable once the program begins.


Contact the Cashiers Area Chamber of Commerce at 828-743-5191 for Program, Session and Scholarship sponsorship information.